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I can get an idea of the number of patients involved in my hypothesis in a few minutes and by searching ten times as many documents. Previously it took several days to get result on a fraction of the available information.

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Head of the Anaesthesia, Emergency and Intensive Care Unit, Foch Hospital
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Mobilising real-life data

A search engine to search through all the data - including textual data - and analyse a file in depth to build the best care.

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Optimising screening and inclusionin studies

Find eligible patients to build a cohort, conduct the data protection compliance processes (MR004, EDS) and monitor the progress of projects in an intuitive interface.

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Simplifying patient information

Digitalising and automating patient information including non participation requests.

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Accelerating data collection and sharing

Smartly collect data, create an eCRF and network with other health data warehouses following OMOP and FHIR interoperability standards.

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Reinforcing data anonymisation

Produce an anonymous dataset in accordance with data protection laws, conduct and document a re-identification risk study

Promote medical discoveries and contribute to the continuous improvement of our health care system

Specialists in the medical industry, we address your specific needs

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Transparent information about the re-use of your data for continuous improvement of care.

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Digging into the collective memory of the institution to inform your medical decisions.

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Create a cohort, complete an eCRF and perform your analyses in a few clicks.

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Hospital management

Make research a factor of attractiveness and a revenue centre for your institution.

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Deputy Director DITSI of GHU Paris
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When the research department needs the last three to five years of active files per drug indication for the same evening, fortunately Dr. Warehouse exists.

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Deputy Head of the Data Unit, FOCH Hospital

An expertise recognised by our ecosystem

ecosysteme imagine

Applications developed in hospitals for health professionals

Codoc's solutions have been developed at the Imagine Institute to meet the needs of research teams. Co-construction of solutions to medical problems is in our DNA.

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A data warehouse that complies with data protection laws and standards

Our health data warehouses are built in compliance with the EDS standard. The data studies are implemented in secure work bubbles, in the hospital's own information system or in a private HDS-certified cloud.

ecosysteme reseau partenaire

A network of partners

codoc is registered with RESAH and CAIH. Our retrospective studies are published on the Health Data Hub website.

ecosysteme dix ans r&d

10 years on R&D

codoc is based on 10 years of research and development on the use of healthcare data for translational research. Over 70 medical publications cite our solutions.

ecosysteme utilisateur

Solutions designed with and for our users

All feedback is taken into account, studied and processed. Our roadmap and the actions taken by our product team are communicated to our user community.

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Customised data integration

Collecting and enhancing your data for medical research is precision work. We have developed connectors for almost all source solutions available in the various medical specialties.

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